Comprehensive VNG testing

ICS Chartr 200

ICS Chartr 200 provides you with a complete VNG testing and ENG testing solution based on years of practical experience. We work closely with leading balance experts to ensure the ease of use and accurate balance test results.

Whether you choose Videonystagmography (VNG) or Electronystagmography (ENG), you will benefit from a complete, portable, easy-to-use system that delivers:

    • Complete test battery including saccades, pursuit, optokinetics, gaze, static positional, Dix-Hallpike, calorics and other specialized balance tests.
    • Precise, accurate data collection with dedicated hardware and data synchronization
    • High portability with compact hardware and a lightweight light bar
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VNG-ENG Testing ICS Chartr 200

VNG testing that is accurate and efficient

The ICS Chartr 200 delivers accurate and efficient VNG testing and ENG testing with dedicated hardware for a smooth stimulus presentation and accurate data collection.

Ranger on the lightbar ensures that the patient is always the right distance from the stimulus providing the clinician with on-going feedback of the patient’s position.

Data collection is buffered in the hardware to enable the computer to perform real-time analysis of the data without lagging behind or dropping data points.

What’s more, integrated ICS irrigators offer ease of use and accuracy through automatic temperature switching.
VNG-ENG Testing ICS Chartr 200

Tools to streamline VNG testing

The ICS Chartr 200 software offers time saving tools that make VNG/ENG testing more efficient.

Data is saved, analyzed and displayed automatically. Auto fixation light allows the user to set a time when the fixation light will automatically turn on and off during caloric testing. A caloric countdown timer displays how long it has been since the last caloric test was completed.

ICS Chartr 200 also provides an integrated ICS air or water irrigator for easier caloric testing.
VNG-ENG Testing ICS Chartr 200

Integrated analysis of VNG testing

The gold-standard in efficient work flow and data analysis, the ICS Chartr 200 delivers several options to record patient eye movements, including:

    • Conjugates eye movements – the average movements of right and left eyes are recorded
    • Disconjugate eye movements – independent movements of each eye are recorded simultaneously
    • Special cases –  monocular movements of the selected eye are recorded

After completing the static positional or caloric tests, the Interpretation Assistant™ provides assistance with interpreting test results, including both static positional tests and caloric tests.

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VNG-ENG Testing ICS Chartr 200

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VNG-ENG Testing ICS Chartr 200 

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