Articles and Abstracts

Articles and Abstracts: Adults

Substantially higher healthcare costs for middle-aged adults with hearing impairment 

International Study: How the World Hears

The Impact of Hearing Loss in Quality of Life of Older Adults

Global and regional hearing impairment prevalence: an analysis of 42 studies in 29 countries

Norway: One-in-nine say that they have a hearing loss

More than 1.3 million Swedes with hearing damage

Switzerland: One-in-ten say they have a hearing loss

Routine hearing screening in primary care for adult populations using distortion product Otoacoustic Emissions testing

Articles and Abstracts: Children

Effective And Efficient Pre-School Hearing Screening: Essential For Successful Early Hearing Detection And Intervention

Screenings and the Increasing Prevalence of Hearing Loss

Survey finds that nearly half of U.S teens show danger signs for hearing loss

Guidelines for rescreening in the medical home following a 'do not pass' newborn hearing screening

Glossary of terms for newborn hearing screening

Recommended Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) Screening & Follow-up Protocol

Using Otoacoustic Emissions to Screen Young Children for Hearing Loss in

Preschool Hearing Screenings: A Comparison of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission and Pure-Tone Protocols

Timeliness of Service Delivery for Children with Later-identified Mild to Severe Hearing Loss

The benefit of systematic hearing screening of school-age children

Guidelines for Hearing Screening After the Newborn Period to Kindergarten Age

Pilot program of hearing screening for Romanian children

Spain: One in ten schoolchildren with hearing loss 

More Danish children with hearing problems

One in five French teenagers hearing impaired

Childhood Hearing Screening Guidelines


World Hearing Day

Childhood hearing loss - 2016

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