Easy to use water irrigator for caloric examination


Safe and convenient

The HORTMANN Aquamatic II* is a water caloric stimulator that provides easy, safe and convenient caloric stimulation for vestibular testing.

The water caloric stimulator has been designed for integration with ICS and HORTMANN VNG/ENG systems, and delivers:

    • Integrated thermal process for reducing bacterial count
    • High temperature accuracy
    • Automatic standby function

*Please note: the HORTMANN Aquamatic II is available in selected markets only and not available in the US.

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Water Caloric Stimulator HORTMANN Aquamatic II

A water caloric stimulator you can rely on

The HORTMANN Aquamatic II is designed especially for hospitals and ENT clinics, providing a reliable and affordable solution for vestibular testing.

Proven in practical use thousands of times, the HORTMANN Aquamatic II guarantees a high degree of reproducibility because of constant temperature and water flow.

This water irrigator is precise, convenient and safe.

Unique water irrigator features

    • Clearly visible temperature display on 13 mm LED
    • Timer-controlled irrigation
    • Integrated thermal process for reducing bacterial count
    • Automatic standby function
    • Ergonomic hand piece facilitates accurate direction of the water flow
    • Water temperature can be adjusted in 1°C increments and is controlled electronically
    • Can be operated with ICS and HORTMANN VNG/ENG systems

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