A smoother fitting experience


Developed in collaboration with the hearing instrument industry, HI-PRO 2 is a universal hardware interface for programming all types of hearing instruments.

Reliable and compatible

The HI-PRO 2 is the obvious successor in the HI-PRO series and it remains the common denominator for HI programming. Over time the HI-PRO classic and the HI-PRO USB have served the industry for millions of fittings all over the world. It’s no coincidence that the HI-PRO name has become synonymous with reliability and compatibility.

Faster programming

HI-PRO 2 introduces a high speed mode, allowing fitting modules to communicate with the hearing instruments up to 5 times faster compared to the HI-PRO USB. The increased programming speed ensures you have the ideal combination of fast programming and the reliability of the HI-PRO name.


The HI-PRO 2 means continuity – you do not have to worry about changing the way you work – you even use the same programming cables. Just work as you do best and enjoy the improved speed of operation.

*) Max speed increase compared to HI-PRO USB. Depending on the fitting software. 

  • hipro-2-usb-hearing-intrument-programming
    HI-PRO 2
    • High speed mode
    • Time saving
    • Backwards compatible with previous versions of HI-PRO