AURICAL is a complete, modular fitting solution that has everything you need to achieve fitting excellence. Realize greater efficiency and flexibility in your fitting processes with:

  • A dedicated fitting audiometer with built-in HI-PRO 2
  • Effective counseling tools
  • The only wireless and binaural Probe Mic. Measurement (PMM) unit with real ear measurements
  • A HI test chamber with the unique OnePosition method
  • Integrated OTOCAM 300 video otoscope
  • Intuitive OTOsuite software that integrates it all and supports the entire fitting process
  • FitAssist tools that enhance the fitting process by making it faster, more efficient and more professional

Flexible, modular and easy-to-use

AURICAL adapts to your workplace and your way of working.

Place AURICAL where you need it, move it around or take it with you. Use the audiometer and the test chamber with the speaker and the wireless, binaural Probe Microphone Measurements (PMM) unit – or use them separately. Add more components as your practice grows. AURICAL adapts to your plan.

Customize the OTOsuite software with your own fitting formulae, stimuli and protocols to suit your fitting routines. Go FreeStyle in your measurements.

You can send one module for service and still use the rest. You can add additional components as your practice grows. And you can customize the intuitive OTOsuite software with own fitting formulae, stimuli and protocols etc. to suit your fitting routines. The AURICAL adjusts to your workplace and your way of working – not the other way around.

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Improved fitting workflow

AURICAL is a complete and agile fitting system. A simple interface and innovative and integrated fitting tools help streamline your fitting processes.

HIT with OnePosition is efficient and convenient. Intuitive Coupler Based Fitting is fast.

FitAssist tools such as OnTarget, QuickView, User Tests and Sequencing make fitting tasks easier to perform – while ensuring a quality fitting experience for your clients.

Advanced functionality such as Custom Target, 2-channel PMM, InterModule Communication (IMC) capabilities and more make AURICAL the most efficient and advanced fitting system to date.


Use practical FitAssist tools to make fitting easier and quicker – without compromising quality.Make testing and programming hearing instruments an integral part of your workflow. Store all your data in the intuitive OTOsuite software. Benefit from seamless integration and uniform appearance and routines.Discover a whole new dimension in efficiency with the remarkably user-friendly and advanced AURICAL.
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Easier client counseling

Built-in simulators and Speech Mapping help support your client interactions. Demonstrate hearing instrument features and benefits with the Feature-2-Benefit mode in real ear or coupler mode.

AURICAL ensures a smooth fitting process for a convincing, professional and easy-to-follow fitting experience for clients and their significant others.

Use innovative FitAssist tools to stay on top of your fitting workflow. With the AURICAL, you can rest assured that the fitting process will go smoothly. This means a convincing, professional and easy-to-follow fitting experience for all your clients and their significant others.

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    RoomTune, QuickView and 2-channel PMM

    See how they help you improve your fitting processes

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