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    Easy hearing instrument fitting
The AURICAL Plus is a comprehensive diagnostic and fitting system that with more than 12,000 installations has become the gold standard for audiologic diagnostics and hearing instrument testing, fitting and programming.

Easy hearing instrument fitting

We all know that measurements are necessary to get confident fitting results and satisfied customers. AURICAL guides you to the goal in an intuitive manner. You can carry out your fitting according to validated fitting prescriptions such as NAL NL1 and DSL v5.0b, or you can freely define your own prescriptions.
Measurements can be performed in-situ with the dual REM/SPL headset orour 2cc coupler using RECD, so you can easily fit hearing instruments on young children or other patient groups, for example, those with severe to profound hearing loss.
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Quick and accurate hearing instrument testing

With the HIT module, you can test hearing instruments quickly and accurately inside the built-in test chamber. Full test protocols according to IEC/ANSI or partial tests give you flexibility in collecting information according to your needs and make your testing and troubleshooting quick and easy to document.


  • A two-channel audiometer, including special tests, historical comparison, HL/SPL audiometry, user tests and more.
  • HIT supporting today’s test standards.
  • Classic REM features.
  • Coupler based fitting.
  • DSL v5.0b and updated stimuli.
  • Data and workflow integration capabilities (NOAH, EMR, XML, electronic reporting, etc.).

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