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The role of the physiotherapist in the treatment of balance patients

Balance disorders and dizziness are a growing public health concern across all age groups. Prevalence increases with age and these disorders are some of the most common complaints reported to GPs by older patients. Untreated, they result in worsening unsteadiness, loss of confidence and anxiety, difficulty with concentration and memory, inactivity, loss of independence, an increased risk of falls  and costly falls-related injuries. 

Physiotherapists are ideally placed to provide early screening and intervention to minimize the impact on daily life of balance and dizziness disorders.
Specialist physiotherapists provide personalized VR programs, which are clinically effective reducing distressing symptoms and improving quality of life.

Presenter:  Oz Zur, PhD PT 
The Israeli Center for Treating Vertigo and Balance Disorders
3.00-3.30pm CEST
Thursday, Sep 28, 2017
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How to build today’s vestibular clinic – equipment, reimbursement and referrals

With the growing variety of vestibular testing options, it can be difficult to decide what kind of equipment to incorporate in your clinic and test battery. Whether you want to start a screening program or a comprehensive vestibular clinic, this webinar helps you determine what options are best to meet your goals.

We review the various tests, purchasing options, reimbursement, and discuss how to  develop a referral program and how vHIT and VEMP play an important role in the success of the modern clinic.


Don D. Kim, AuD, FAAA , Field Clinical Audiologist, Otometrics 
Jeanette Fitzke, AuD FAAA, Field Clinical Audiologist, Otometrics

3.00-3.30pm CEST
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2017
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Get started with fitting verification using a simplified flow

Hearing aid verification is a best practice and crucial to optimizing a patient’s benefit and satisfaction with amplification. However, only 40% of audiologists verify all their hearing aid fittings. Join this webinar to learn the basics of fitting verification and best practices. See how a simplified flow can help you get started.

Mariana Roslyng-Jensen, 
Training and Education Manager, Otometrics

3.00-3.30pm CET
Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017
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