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We help you succeed by delivering reliable state-of-the-art solutions for balance assessment, hearing screening, hearing assessment, hearing instrument fitting and sound rooms.

Integrated clinic

Sound rooms

Sound room

Hearing Assessment


MADSEN Astera² clinical audiometer


MADSEN OTOflex 100 handheld tympanometer

Diagnostic OAE       

MADSEN Capella² otoacoustics emissions testing OAE

Auditory Evoked Potentials

Fitting Systems

Hearing Aid Fitting     

Hearing  Aid Fitting System - AURICAL

Hearing Aid Programming

Hearing aid programming HI-PRO 2

Video Otoscopy       

Video Otoscope AURICAL OTOcam 300

Hearing aid comparison device


Balance Assessment

Modern Vestibular Testing

Balance Assessment - Vestibular Testing - ICS Impulse


ICS Chart 200 VNG/ENG


Caloric Irrigation                         

Caloric Irrigation ICS AirCal


Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn hearing screening MADSEN AccuScreen

OAE Screening                         

OAE Screener MADSEN Alpha OAE


Audiology software

OTOsuite Audiometry Software

EMR Connectivity

EMR Connectivity OTObase


Accessory Catalog

Disposable Electrodes, Probe Tips, Accessories

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