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We answer the latest questions from customers about Otometrics equipment and software. 

Question: I am upgrading from Otosuite V (Vestibular) version 3 to 4 and this message appears when starting the Otosuite V software: “The database cannot be in multiusermode”

  1. Open a command window by running “cmd”
  2. Navigate to the OTOsuiteV Files folder.
  3. Run the command OTOsuiteVSupport.exe SetDBMultiUser. You must get a message like in the picture below.
  4. If above step was successful, try to start the software by clicking the desktop shortcut.

See the picture below for command:


Question: How do I restore an Otosuite V (Vestibular) Database Backup file?

Solution: From the OTOsuite V support folder you have to run the “Restore” batch file. Close OTOsuite V before restoring the database.


Type in the exact path to you backup file. See the example below.


Successfully restored.


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